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Update by user Nov 18, 2013

An update to this. UPS contacted the shipping agent who told them a month ago to abandon the shipment, despite it being our property.

since then we've had an update. UPS returned one missing item 24 hours after I told them I would be pressing criminal charges against their CEO for theft. Unfortunately their own packaging was worse than ours and the item was damaged even more. Now they are refusing to accept responsibility for this.

End result is that we have damaged and missing items and fully intend to never use UPs again either personally or professionally. Indeed on showing the damage and details to some friends and my employer it is highly likely that many of those will use other firms instead. What would have cost UPS a few hundred dollars in goodwill is now likely to cost them thousands in the future as I will go out of my way to never use them again.

Looking back at historic shipments I issue from work and personal I've used the company over 700 times in the last few years. So my satisfaction is every shipment I push to FedEx/DHL and USPS is one less dollar for UPS.

Original review posted by user Nov 11, 2013

Two chests shipped by UPS were destroyed in transit. UPs refuses to accept liability and bounces me to the local shipping agent, who bounces me back to UPS. UPS then took two items back for inspection and asked the agent what to do, they marked them as abandoned despite them being accepted as my property. end result family heirlooms lost and UPs doesn't care.

I paid and got screwed even when trying to follow their processes. Every time I ship now or a store offers to ship it will be by someone else. I will never, never use them again even if they are cheaper.

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You had how much weight in boxes inside the chests?

Those are cheap units you buy and put together at home.

They were nver designed or intended to be moved when full of contents.


Are you seriously joking? Did you think you packed that well?

There's no packing at all!!! You need to crate that with tons and tons of foam padding and pray to any all all deities to hope that gets there.

The only way you can ship furniture is taken apart piece by piece or on a moving truck.

I don't care how well you pack that, if you are shipping furniture UPS on truck, it is being transported by a single man with a cart. It will get dropped not carefully pushed.

So basically, you learned an expensive lesson that should have been common sense.


the ONLY complaint you need to file is with the court.


The hardest part of picking among the numerous international shipping companies in Toronto the greater Toronto area is which to say no to and which to say yes to and put your trust in. Some very important things to keep in mind before picking a company and determining whether they are professional or not and reliable is being aware of what the requirements and rules and regulations involved with what you plan on shipping


UPS managed to find a return one of the abandoned items. Unfortunately it was damaged even more on return to us as they also apparently failed to pack it properly.

Their packaging was to a lower standard than our own! When we called them about it we were told that they would not open up another complaint and essentially that there was nothing they would do despite the damage now being far worse than originally. We got FedEx to ship another chest to us, packaged the same way and it arrived intact, so this is definitely a UPS care issue. I've also got it confirmed at work that we can now use FedEx for international shipping.

Ultimately with all of the Christmas deliveries we've made to family abroad and for ourselves here we totaled up over $700 in shipping costs that we've managed to 'avoid' spending with UPS.

I've also shipped four packages of Server and Network hardware via other transporters so I'm pretty sure it has already cost this company for more than it would have done to make this right. Given that their response and actions here have been pretty hypocritical the one good thing is that every time I send or receive a package that has a name other than UPS on I get some satisfaction.


yeah the conveyor belts can't read fragile, you clearly aren't the customer if you are referencing the "shipping agent" whoever the customer was, was contacted and they said they didn't want the items back so..... and copiously labeled?? perhaps some serious detail to 3in structual around the item would have worked much better.


The packaging was 5 ply shipping wrapping and the chests were copiously labeled as fragile. We expected cuts and scrapes but not complete structural failure or penetration damage that even Polystyrene would have been hard pressed to avoid.

In addition the carful handling we requested was completely ignored.

Worse still is that good sent for inspection where then abandoned and when one item was returned UPS further damaged it and packed it far worse than we had.

Basic motto is don't use UPS to ship your own stuff, ever...


Cardboard placed on top of it and then shipped is really not proper packing. From what the pictures show, no matter who you would have used the items would have been damaged.