Very simply- I ordered a part for my motorcycle, paid for 2 day delivery- shipped out on a Friday, it stayed at the transfer location in Kentucky for the whole weekend. Fine- I'm thinking if I can intercept it and have it stopped at the local UPS delivery hub I can then go down, pick it up, and get my motorcycle back on the road a day early because UPS residential delivery is always the last on the list.

So I go all over the website and I can't get any help. I sign up for their "Customer Tracking" database and I'm thinkin "Great! This will let me stop the shipment..." WRONG!

I call up their (800) number for help- I'm talking to a woman who can't speak english, zarking wonderful! I tell her my problem, she says "You have to contact the shipper" and I'm like "we're talking a big company- just like you- with a peabrain- just like UPS and they're not going to change that just because I call".

*Big sigh* Screw UPS- now I have to wait an extra day- total of 5 days when I paid for 2 day shipping thanks to those ***.

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You paid for 2 day shipping (2 business days) it left Friday it should come Tuesday.


The sender is the only person who can authorize a package intercept. This information is clearly available on their website.

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