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My company shuts down for a week during Christmas, so figuring I had time to do work around the house I ordered three items for delivering during this time. All companies choosing UPS to ship, they all arrive at Santa Fe NM and show via tracking the packages are out for delivery. Wait at home and no package.

So I finally called and UPS told me you will have to wait till next week to get your packages as we aren't going to deliver until1/3/2012. So UPS is sitting on the packages even ones which were second day air and told me tough. I told them I won't be home then and they didn't respond, just put me hold. So now I'll have packages sitting o n my porch for week. I hate this company. I have many times before sent late delivered packages back to the shipper.

A true example of the "Power of Brown" or we have your money and we don't care about the real customer, the person who buys the merchandise.

Product or Service Mentioned: Ups Customer Care.

Monetary Loss: $50.

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Yes UPS even intentionally delays packages so you do not receive them earlier than the Service level you pay for. regularily I will send or receive their 3 day by end of business level and track the package noticing it will sit one hop away from its destination until the night before the third day.

I currently have a package sitting one hop from it's destination, which made it to this facility in three hours (assumed by plane) on the first day and is just sitting there because I only paid for third day. Of course they won't deliver early, but if there is ever a delay of course they will have no trouble delaying the package without any problem


If you PAY EXTRA for a service, they should ship it to you, AS PROMISED.

If you pay 2 day, you should get 2 days. no later.


This isn't about giving time off for the holidays which I have worked many times in the past. Other people received their packages it was just my location of 60 homes that did not, it was an intentional decision by UPS. Before you ask we are only 1 mile from other people who did receive their shipments and weather was not factor as the roads were bare and dry.


Did I forget to mention theyve already taken several days off?


@So sad

Well, its deceptive advertising! When you pay a ridiculous sum of money to have it delivered when you NEED IT, you expect them to stand by there claims.

You forgetting the huge blunder they had this season? A vacation is not justified until theyve fulfilled their obligations. I paid SECOND DAY SHIPPING for something i needed on friday, shipped on Wednesday, it is still sitting in a local facility and i CANT go pick it up!



They're closed on Monday for the holiday. These workers did just work extremely hard during the busiest shipping time of the season.

I think they deserve a day off with their families. I'm sorry you don't feel that way,.

Good to see that greed in the U.S.A. is still alive in your household dumb@ss.

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