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My son shipped two boxes from a UPS Store #3562 in West Conshohocken, PA to Dallas, TX. The store insured the wrong box, UPS lost the other box (the one that should have been insured).

They delivered the box the first day, tracking said noone home so would make a second attempt. We contacted UPS to place a hold on the box for us to pick up. They waited over 24 hours to put in place, during this time, UPS again tried to deliver. I was standing right outside while they delivered a box to my neighbor.

When I saw the driver walking back to the truck with the box, I asked if it was possible the box was for me as I was expecting a shipment that had to be signed for. He didn't ask any questions, such as what my name was, what was the name on the shipment, just told me it wasn't mine and jumped in his truck.

15 minutes later I took a look at the tracking online and saw that he had commented shipment refused/return to shipper. I immediately called UPS and tried to get the shipment held in Dallas until I could get out there to pick it up.

I was told the package was already on it's way back to PA. 15 MINUTES?? The truck hadn't even had time to get back to their main facility. We were then told by their facebook team that they would ATTEMPT to divert the package along the way.

The package was logged in at two different locations along the way but NO, they didn't divert it. They simply tell customers whatever they want hoping to get you to go away. I've since emailed a letter to as many executive officers I could find emails for. I will list them here in case anyone else needs them. (CEO), (Chief Sales, Marketing & Strategy Officer, (SVP, Communications & Brand Management), (COO), (SVP & CIO), (SVP, HR & Labor Relations), (CFO),, (President, U.S. Operations), (SVP of Legal, Compliance, Audit & Public Affairs, GC & Corporate Secretary. Basically, first I've heard back from a low level customer relations person who basically said the same drivel.

If I were you I would not ship UPS, stick with fedex. At least you get a receipt that shows the sender/receiver and tracking number with any insurance listed.

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It wasn't your package. A driver can't return it with his computer. Your package was returned likely that morning at the warehouse.