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My daughter shipped all of her belongings from TX to CO. She purchased three new boxes and packed the items as she has before.

When we received the boxes, they looked like they had been crushed. *** in one that had been taped by ups. Two were open at the seam. They blocked our stairwell.

We called. We were told the extra insurance she purchased, as well as the included insurance was not valid. 1. Ups did not pack the items.

2. She did not use ups boxes. (She paid extra for insurance because of this). Now, they want pictures of the items, as they were packed, pictures of damaged items, etc.

We already unpacked the boxes because stuff was falling out of the boxes. We had to unwrap breakables over the trash can because glass was falling out. Crystal figurines, ceramic, etc. Not sure how we could have done this except take a picture of the box, take one item out, unwrap it, take another picture of the box, etc., until the box was unpacked.

She was not informed of any of this when she purchased the insurance. She is also missing a bag that had her jewelry. A lot of the breakables were gifts from relatives/friends no longer with us, some were handmade... this is completely crazy.

She actually cried when she saw the items that were destroyed (some were so broken I could not identify them.) I sent as many pictures as I could, and they are still insisting I show the items as they were packed, which items were in which boxes, etc. I will never use ups again.

They should give customers a sheet or pamphlet describing their requirements before they even accept the packages or money. Her whole life was in those boxes!

Product or Service Mentioned: Ups Ground Delivery Service.

Reason of review: Damaged or defective.

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Robert M

Just go to small claims court and SUE them .. Get it over with .Monopolies know they can screw consumers all day long with zero consequences

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