I tried to do the decent thing and contact UPS through it’s own Customer Service email. Unfortunately, the only email I could locate for UPS was the prefab kind, popular with large companies and politicians, requiring the customer to designate categories and specific topics. My “Support Category” is “Pissed Consumer” and my “Support Topic” is “Really!” Neither of those options appear on your drop-down menus. Therefore, “Pissed Consumer” seems the appropriate vehicle for venting my disquiet.

I live in a locked apartment building. Last Wednesday (August 14) late in the afternoon I found a “USP InfoNotice” on the hallway floor in my building. (InfoNotice Number 9342 1955 055 8.) The notice said a second delivery attempt would be made the following afternoon. I telephoned UPS to verify this. The next day, the day of the second scheduled delivery, I phoned UPS late in the afternoon and was assured the delivery was on its way. I sat on the front steps of my apartment building from about 6:30 to 8:15 in the evening. When the package didn’t arrive, I phoned UPS again and was informed by the friendly recording that a delivery attempt had been made at 6:56 P.M.

At 6:56 I was on the front steps of my apartment building.

Two men were working in an apartment facing the street with a sliding glass door opened showing a wide view of the street. Neither they nor I saw any UPS personnel. There was no new UPS InfoNotice. There was no attempted delivery. I wasted an entire afternoon and most of an evening waiting for a delivery that did not come. I could not afford to waste another day sitting outside on the steps, so I called UPS and arranged to have the package delivered to a different address. I was informed I had to pay $6.00 for the change of destination.

I’m an understanding soul. Maybe the delivery person had a hot date, or a sick mother or something. But that I should have to pay $6.00 for someone else’s failure adds insult to injury. I can forgive the injury, but not the insult. Waive the $6.00.

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Monetary Loss: $6.

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Albuquerque, New Mexico, United States #703471

I don't know why this happens sometimes.But, it's your package, take responsibility.

Have it shipped to a mailbox store like The UPS Store. (not owned, nor operated by UPS, it's a totally different company) If you ship it directly there, you only have to pay $5 or so to pick it up.

WHY DO PEOPLE WASTE THEIR ENTIRE DAY WAITING FOR A PACKAGE????!!!My day is worth more than $5, how about yours?

Saxonburg, Pennsylvania, United States #703357

Definitely understand.I posted a similar complaint.

I was sitting in my living room WAITING to hear the door and as luck would have it that's just when the guy showed up.

Suspicious.....I wonder if they all just pull their trucks into a parking lot somewhere and laugh about it.:cry

Fort Apache, Arizona, United States #703169

I feel your pain!

I flew into a city on Business, got in a Taxi.

Gave the guy the adddress I wanted to go to.

I decided to go to a different address, and they wanted to charge me extra!

What is this world coming to, waive the extra charge to take me to a different address!

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