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UPS have a delivery tracker system to track the progress of your delivery supposedly!

I found myself liasing between adidas and UPS as to the whereabouts of my parcel but they both were incompetant and couldn't give me accurate information.

I spoke with one of the UPS representatives who informed me a delivery attempt had been made(untrue)

and who told me that the drivers do not carry mobile phones (to aid with delivery) nor do they have GPS in there delivery vehicles.

This is absolute *expletive* BS nonsense! She claimed a delivery was attempted with the limited address details that adidas had given the company and then proceeded to ask me for addition details such as my address and phone contact number(I thought they didn't use phones to contact their customers and if a delivery had been made previously then why would they need my address again?)

They are an ineffectual inefficient incompetent inept and incapable of doing a simple job.They hire uneducated lazy people who cannot follow simple directions and the telephone staff are condescending and manipulative.

I now have to go to the warehouse in kentish town to collect my item.

I would not use this service again and I urge any business to use a far superior service as this one is contemptible.

Product or Service Mentioned: Ups Delivery Service.

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