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I've had several bad experiences with UPS. The latest was the frosting on the cake.

I waited all day at home for an expected delivery which never arrived from an online company, which stated their records indicated it had been delivered. I contacted UPS who said it had been delivered & signed for by "Bob"--no last name--. There is no "Bob" and never was a "Bob" least not for the 17 yrs I've lived here. After several phone calls, I was told the driver, after being unable to get to my street due to a utility trimming trees, sent a "helper" to take the pkg to my address.

Instead, for some unknown & unexplained reason, the helper decided to deliver it to a neighbor's address, who hadn't been home all day, (remember, I was at home waiting for the darned delivery), and since the pkg required a signature & no one was there, "helper" apparently decided to make up a fictitious "Bob" & signed it himself. The neighbor found it accidently at a door they seldom use later that night & brought it to me. My address is marked clearly on a post at the end of my driveway, so why the "helper" took it to a different address is beyond me. A previous experience was 3 months ago, after not getting an important document at all, which also required a signature.

UPS swore it had been delivered, but couldn't seem to explain that if it had, then why there was no record of any signature nor was the pkg ever found. That one cost me a lot of time and money and two months to be reimbursed. Interestingly, the company who sent the document had to reimburse me, as UPS said they weren't responsible for it! How do they figure that??

Oh wait...I'm not done! Another time I again was expecting a delivery, told it had been delivered, but I saw no sign of it...until I got in my car the next day and found the pkg on the front seat! UPS had no explanation why the driver chose to put it in the car! Think about could have been anyone's car parked there, not necessarily mine.

Someone doing work in the house, a visitor...anyone's car. Then there was the driver who I literally caught throwing a pkg over the gate, rather than simply opening it and walking a few steps to the door. I've experienced years of other incidents with UPS involving non-deliveries, rude people and just plain lousy service.

I will never use them, but, unfortunately, have no control over how something is sent by others. I absolutely dread it when I know something is supposed to be delivered by UPS.

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They're just as bad in Sydney

I was away for a week and they made 3 delivery attempts 3 days in a row

When I returned I scheduled a delivery on Monday and left an authority to leave note but received nothing.

Called support on Monday night and they tell me the following:

- That the driver tried to deliver to the wrong address

- That the driver tried to make the delivery at 5:20pm even though it was promised before 5pm

- That I would have to wait 48 hours to receive a PHONE CALL about why these mistakes were made (no discussion of when they would re-attempt delivery)

Honestly, UPS are without a doubt the most incompetent delivery company I have ever had to deal with.

I would actually consider changing suppliers if they didn't provide an alternative service vs UPS.