I prepared my immigration application for 6 months and I used UPS to send it. There are 1000 open position and to qualify your application need to reach on first day and UPS made sure that they will not deliver as they promised. I am so angry and frustrated at myself for using UPS and ruining my hard work of 6 months.

I sent my application from US and my friend sent his application from Indian on same day.

My friend sent documents through DHL from India on Friday (25th May) and this courier reached its destination in Canada on Monday (28th May) afternoon. This shipment went from Pune to Banglore to Germnay to US (Ohio) to Canada. it costed him $50.

I paid $80 to UPS and UPS was not able to deliver my courier from New Jersey (US) to same address and city in CANADA in 3 days. It took them 4 days. Also even on 4th day, they didn't take courtesy to deliver in morning or afternoon.

The excuse they gave me was delay in Customs in Canada. My friend's courier also passed through customs in US as well as Canada and spent more time in clearance than mine.

This is first and last time I use UPS services. USPS still does better job than UPS.

Here are the tracking links of both courier -



  • incompetent service no guaranteed
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