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I made an order / on Dec31st. To make a long story short, I checked my tracking in the afternoon & it said delivered.

I checked on my porch, that is where my usual driver brings to my house & I do believe that is the protocol. I checked on the 9th said delivered, so I checked on my porch, they was NO PKG. I called UPS, they said it was left @ gate. I live back off the road from the road & gate.

I drove down there & found NOTHING. This LAZY driver could not bring it to house. He either left it somewhere else or someone stole it & now its a hassle for my refund, when they got my money within 24 hrs. So, today is Jan21st & I have no refund & a runaround.

I am going to complain EVERYWHERE until, my money is in my bank.

Its the principle, also! He should be fired!

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I read an e-mail this morning. The e-mail stated that my package had been delivered to the "front office" and signed for by "Michael".

There are four business' at this address. Despite the fact, that my name, and the name of my business was listed TWICE- the 8 LB. package was delivered somewhere else. Been using UPS professionally, and, personally for over 40 years.

Are UPS drivers now not required to be able to READ? Exactly.

The driver responsible for this must be incompetent. He/she MUST be FIRED.


Baltimore, Maryland, United States #891203

No, it is appropriate to call for someone to be fired if they can't do their job. If I did my job at the level of quality that the typical UPS driver does, I'd have been fired long, long ago.

UPS gets paid to deliver packages to an address, and either they're capable of doing it or they aren't. I'm sorry the drivers have such a hard time from their supervisors, but to me that says there's been a consistent and ongoing problem with drivers, forcing the company to take measures like these. It isn't the customer who's doing the whining, it's the apologists who think these drivers are beyond criticism and that customer should just suck it up and EXPECT to lose the merchandise they've paid for and entrusted to UPS.

@Crymeariver, I'm curious to know how you'd react if you and your husband went to a restaurant, ordered your meal, and didn't get it because the waiter dropped it on the floor in the kitchen. Would you expect the waiter to be disciplined and new food brought to you, or would you "get a life" and happily pay your check anyway and leave the restaurant hungry?

Your comments just made UPS drivers worse, not better.

Instead of acknowledging the mistake, you've made it sound like the customer has no right to complain, even when UPS fails utterly to do what it's been paid to do. That attitude is part of the problem.


Really? Your going to TRY to make someone loose their job over that??

(Their union will protect them as he did nothing wrong) Real cool. My husband is a UPS driver and you obviously have no idea what their job is like.They are pushed so hard to go go go, they get spied on by supervisors periodically, they are tracked by GPS so much so that they know there every move.They are not supposed to ever put their vechicle in reverse to back up and the tracking device will show supervisors if they did. At one point a few years ago they weren't allowed to make right hand turns. As if all that isn't enough it's back breaking work and sometimes quite dangerous.

They deal with hazardous material chemicals,blood, idiots shipping poisonous snacks (illegal)..... So Boo Who on your missing shoes and get a life and quit trying to ruin someone elses.

to Crymeariver Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada #974169


Oh no, not poisonous snacks! Those expired graham crackers seep right through the box!!


Fired? Really are you 12 grow up.

If only the tables where turned! It's the principle!!!!

Sioux Falls, South Dakota, United States #776352

UPS Protocol? You might want to review that high speed. Don't blame the driver for thieves in your neighborhood....nice neighbors by the way....

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