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This order said it was delivered to my porch, and I was home all day and the driver did not even drive by. My dog goes nuts when she hears him so I definitely know he did not drive down my street.

I know it was not stolen, and I have checked many different neighbor's homes. And no... this is NOT the shipper's problem. They have nothing to do with it.

This is an issue with our delivery man. He is lazy and hits “delivered” when items aren’t just to meet his time for the day. I have caught him several times delivering my mail to the neighbors (I mean our WHOLE streets) because he is too lazy to go to each individual home. So....

there are trackers on every truck, I want to know his exact location at the time of delivery.

I will not stop fighting UPS until I get a clear response. I run an ecommerce site and rely on shipments for wholesale orders, etc.

Oh to top it all off? I was home (I work from home) and the UPS driver literally runs up on our steps and throws a “sorry we missed you” post for me to sign for my claim. I run outside and say hey, I was home!

You never even knocked. I need to sign for this. He then told me that someone probably “stole the package” because he “thinks he delivered it” and I said no, I was home all day and I have security footage on the porch. He then said “he wasn’t working that day” which contradicts his original statement.

. I’m afraid to order anything online now if they ship via UPS because of this incompetent driver.

Product or Service Mentioned: Ups Delivery Service.

Reason of review: Problem with delivery.

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{{Redacted}} this Yas nothing to do with the UPS store

to You-a-foo #1455090

Dumb *** yes it does.

to You-a-foo #1455103

it has everything to do with the UPS store, dummy. they were of NO help in this whole process when it was their delivery man who failed to deliver,

to Anonymous #1455288

Incorrect. The UPS Store has nothing to do with deliveries.

Your beef is with UPS Corporate. Two different things.

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