Ferndale, Washington

I spend 15-20K/year shipping with UPS. Daily pickup is crucial as we have built our business around timely deliveries and order processing. I can't count the days over the past 15 years when UPS has failed to pick up our parcels. I've had 50+ packages sitting for days with guaranteed delivery dates to our customers when UPS has not bothered picking up a routine stop. Even after calling the local dispatch when things seem to be running a little late we get bogus claims of 'someone will stop by' before the end of day.

Due to seasonal drivers their knowledge of our history is not obviously not acknowledged. They have no clue as to their routes and even the local dispatch(Redmond/Issaquah) when called does not take interest.

If looking for a dependable shipping provider UPS is NOT the answer. As we are looking into alternatives I encourage anyone else to do the same. UPS keeps raising their rates and lowering their obligations and commitments, it's embarrassing and I'd be ashamed if was in corporate UPS making these decisions.

USPS is getting a lot more of our business. and we'll be switching to FedEx next season. Nobody at UPS seems to be accountable for their errors and yet the small business pays for it in many ways. Please call my 50 customers today that their packages will be delayed because you did not bother picking up their parcels and processing them in a contractual manner, of which I pay a weekly fee for.

Actually, dont bother. they have a loophole for everything and will bill you whether they comply with their own contract or not. Unfortunately it's not worth the time and effort off fighting it as it takes 15 minutes to get to the first layer of their customer service. Beyond that, good luck.

UPS needs to be exposed for their monopolistic, uncaring, bottom line business tactics.

That being said, I do love and appreciate the UPS drivers. They are innocent victims in a paralytic corporate regime. I have nothing but positive notes to portray on their behalf. Hard working, personable, dedicated, etc. They too shake their heads and are frustrated with their beaurocracy.

total cluster f%*K of a company! Avoid them at all cost!

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