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Seriously the worst customer service. I never like to complain or get someone fired, but I have no sympathy anymore.

If someone resides in an apartment building, it is not brain surgery that you actually have to ring the doorbell to notify the receiver that you are here. For some reason on the 1st attempt the driver supposedly did not have my apartment number so the delivery was delayed. WOW- so you can't contact the store or customer to at least try to get that piece if information?? so that means the customer has to plan to be home on the second attempt.

OK. Well since my life does not revolve around UPS, i figured i will try to be home but if i can't then oh well, a third attempt will be made. I had a doc appt so i was not home when they tried on day 2. Day 3- i had no important plans so i made sure i was home.

Around 12PM i track the package- they left a note saying no one was available and wrote my apartment # on the notice. I WAS HOME ANE THEY EITHER RANG THE WRONG APARTMENT OR THEY WERE JUST TOO DUMB TO TRY. There is no way i didn't hear my own doorbell. I called and they said they didn't have my aprtment #.

Really? b/c the *** driver wrote the apt # on the notice- so whats your next excuse? THen i was put on hold for 15 min. I was also told the driver would try again b/w 5 and 6.

Apparently when you call the 1800 line and the local line- you get different information. 1- he will try again b/w 5 and 6; 2- he will try again but there is no certain time 3- he will try- but it's not definite. What type of business is this? SO i have to arrange to come to YOUR store to p/u a 120lb package b/c UPS does not know how to do their job?

The driver never came back and the superviser said he would do some type of override so that they can make a 4th attempt - but then 2 min later the local 718 office calls and tells me that it won't be guaranteed that the 4th attempt can be made and would I like them to put the item on hold. Umm no. Do not call me unless you are going to actually do your job.

So i am now going to see that happens tomorrow. This is a joke of a company and extremely unprofessional - and yes- someone should lose their job over this.

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

Preferred solution: Deliver product or service ordered.

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UPS are a bunch of wankers, incompetent ***. Businesses should use someone else.

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