My front entry is as wide as the door but recessed about 16". It has to swing open past the recess for me to get out. Deliveries are always placed against the hinge side of the door, making it impossible for me to open the door so UPS deliveries can be brought in. I've had to go out the back door and around the house through a locked gate to bring deliveries inside. With two hip replacements and one knee replacement, that's very difficult. Given the time of evening (now after 6 p.m.) when most deliveries are made, I have no help to bring things inside.

Further, last night a large oblong box was delivered & left standing on the end where the flap was almost open. When I tried to pick it up the bottom fell out and the heavy cot fell onto my foot. I couldn't bring the box in for a while because of the pain. It was senseless to leave that box standing on the end where the flap was loose!

I hope you will address this issue and correct it. Application of a little common sense could readily fix the problem.

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