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Since moving to New Mexico can't get any service at all. Have tried to complain to terminal in Albuquerque for over four years.

Driver lies says, I live near Grants New Mexico but I live 6 miles form city hall in Rio Rancho, Grants is 84 miles from Rio Rancho.

To make it worse with me being about 6 miles form city hall, they pass me going to the local gun club which is about 14 to 15 miles from me.

Once I proved to the terminal that I was no where near Grants, the driver had been lying to them.

His excuse changed to wrong address. For years we have split hairs over 41st Avenue verses being read 41 street. Guess drivers don't know how to read well here.

I have a heart patient at home and my mother is on oxygen because of her blood clots in her lungs 86. We are off the grid and making our own electricity. The delivery is the circuit board for our wind turbine.

I call when I saw tracking number sheet said wrong address on of the two excuses they always use. Sure enough I call the 800 number and find that is what the driver put but as usual the address is correct.

So now I can't get needed componet until monday! THere is no one at the terminal and they can't contact driver.

Product or Service Mentioned: Ups Delivery Service.

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During these years of terrible service I have talked to the terminal more than several times. Taken a drawn map and explicit instructions on how to get to my location.

One of the funnies is that they said that 41st avenue was read as 41 st (taking st as street avenue) and they didn't know where to go. :x

to DebratheGreat #599884

I have in the past asked the terminal manager to drive out in his car or her's.To see that I'm not as far as they say and not difficult to find.. Wonder if I should as again. Have asked several times before.

Also UPS 800 number says they don't have access to corporate telephone number. I find that unusual.

It is costing me $90.00 a day with out that board.

Making heart patient upset.

Any Ideas out there :zzz

to DebratheGreat #599887

Now I'm really mad called 800 number and they have no notes from my call yesterday....Even though I talked to rep and superior... Got the name this time "Darrell" I think in India...Told him if he didn't take notes and get it to Albuquerque terminal I would report him.

Then I asked how many Darrell are there. :(

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