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His *** happens all the time. Someone sends a package signature required.

I signed up for their internet thing so I get a window of when to expect the package so I can be on the lookout. I am deaf and can't hear anything at all no knock nothing and have a monitor set up to use as a doorbell. Every time I leave notes to please knock for ten seconds so I have time to see the light when it flashes. It's got a few second delay you know!?

It's not perfect. Every time they ignore it and leave the note saying I wasn't there when I am there! I can't stare at the door thing EVERY SECOND FOR THREE TO FOUR HOURS and they ignore my note. Tonight they came and left so fast and the door light never once went off.

The last time I saw the light and i ran to the door to get my package from him but he is RUNNING AWAY and then is in the van and SPEEDING AWAY as I'm flailing my arms yelling please come back. It's a Friday and i needed the thing for a Christmas party you know? They won't come back. I chat with someone online and they tell me to give them a phone # and someone maybe will call me.

I'm deaf and have no phone and I'm alone. That's it. Nothing they can do. Monday only.

I was and am so constantly pissed at UPS but with AMAZON they use it all the time you can't choose.

F them. They don't give a *** ABOUT DEAF people.

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

Preferred solution: Let the company propose a solution.

UPS Cons: Delivery, Poor customer service, Customer service agents.

  • UPS Delivery HORRIBLE
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Honestly, your situation is unfortunate, but blaming the delivery driver is not the way to solve it. Your best bet is to rent a private mailbox somewhere, so that you don't have to worry about being there for your deliveries.

With a private mailbox, the business will sign for and receive all your packages, and then you can pick them up at your own convenience. Also, if you are home all the time, you may want to consult the company or whomever is sending these packages, and request that they remove the signature required; or, more specifically, choose the option of shipper release, which has the driver leave the package at the door.

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