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My daughter got stuck at the end of her friends road after a snowstorm. She was obviously spinning her tires.

A UPS truck started to pull in. Instead of trying to help he got his truck as close as possible and turned his high beams on. When she couldn't move he started blowing his horn. This scared her and her friend to tears.

They finally got the car free where they proceeded to back up down a snowy, icy road all the while the UPS driver was bearing down on them. I am calling UPS today, but I doubt I will get much satisfaction.

She did get his plate number.

Reason of review: Driving.

UPS Pros: Tracking.

UPS Cons: Delivery, Poor customer service.

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You can make a safety complaint to the US Dept of Transportation at Choose the start button under "public" then click the box for truck safety. Be sure to include UPS's DOT number 21800.


Seems like your daughter need farther driving ed classes.Or better still stay out from behind the Wheel.Why?Should the UPS driver get out and Help your daughter,She should have never got Stuck in the first place.Can your daughter not make a sound judgment as to where to park and Not get stuck.It's not UPS fault,This is your daughters fault.Everytime your daughter gets in a Jam,Are you going to try and Place Blame on someone else?WTF.By the way how old is your daughter since she has to run to you so you can take care of her problems?This post does not ring True at all.