Nantucket, Massachusetts

I waited all day on my package and i got an email the next day stating it was left on the front door at 8:09 pm which was a lie.I think the driver stole it.I see it as very unprofessional.I live in an APT building i made a note for them to call my number when they arrive.This has been my 3rd time with this issue.Fedex is much better but most businesses uses.I am stomy mad ! So now the company will have to ship another product to me via overnight shipping hoping ill get it this time.

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does your apt. complex recieve pkgs at the office?

if so the driver should have left a note that it was delivered there. if not,then as a driver myself i would know if it was a safe location to leave a pkg.i do not have time to call all the people that request it.

it is my phone not ups's.and if you have problems getting your pkgs, have you thought of having them shipped to your workplace? it might even be cheaper.the driver makes over 30 dollars an our i doubt he would risk his job for 1 pkg.


Shipped a total of 4 packages to the Breakers Hotel in Palm Beach,FL. Three pkgs arrived on the scheduled date. The fourth package being 90lbs with dimensions of 45"h x20"x19" is last scanned at UPS Riviera Beach, FL Hub.Its almost 8 days and zip,nada,no package??!!WT..!

How do you lose an elephant in a cage?


My customer is mad,annoyed and feels violated that this could happen.

This is Criminal..Getting No Justice.

Where is the survailence cameras!!Find The Package!

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