This is the second time it had happened. I took a day off to sign for some delivery I'm expecting by UPS . There was no one knocking on the door nor info notice until around 3:30 PM when I went to sign for my Macy's stuff from another carrier . I got back and check the email, and saw a message from UPS saying

"We tried to deliver the package(s) shown below, but missed you" .

Wow, that's interesting, because I know for sure I was home the whole time ! And I think I know why this keeps happening: my apartment is on the second floor, to get to me you have to walk around and get up from the back porch, (I always have a sign on the front door giving clear directions when I'm expecting deliveries) . I have never had problems receiving packages except with UPS . If the UPS driver came up to deliver the package and thought I was not home, why didn't he leave the infonotice thing on the door from UPS ??? only explanation to me is that he was too lazy to actually carry the package and deliver it , therefore never was physically present at my door, hence can not leave the infonotice.

The first time this happened, the driver from second day told me the guy from previous attempt didn't know the rout , although I don't see how not knowing the rout has anything to do with marking the customer not home , I let it go because I thought maybe it was someone new . That was about a month ago, and this same thing happens today .

So I talked to the UPS customer service online, Rachael was very helpful and told me she will message the local UPS and have it redelivered today , and the local UPS center will give me a call

to let me know when . About an hour later, I got a call from local ( Palatine, IL ) UPS store, instead of apologizing for their nonprofessional service , the guy(he said his name so fast I couldn't catch it) on the phone tried to convince me that the driver did come up but I was not home . WHAT ?! I don't care if you and the driver are best buddies that you feel you have to stick up for him , I just want the package I paid for, which the merchant paid for you guys to deliver it to me . When your employee/driver fail to fulfill their duties, I expect you to at least realize what you have done wrong instead of challenging your customer .

Now comes the best part, the guy on the phone was never polite to begin with, after he told me the driver can not redeliver it today but tomorrow, and I said ok, thank you, there was about 2 second silence on the phone and he then hanged up .

What kind of attitude is that ? I am the pissed of customer who wasted time waiting on a package that never came ! So when the pissed off customer still had the commonsense and manner to thank you , what does it say about the employee and the company when their customer service hang up on the pissed off customer ?

To me it feels like UPS doesn't care . Since you don't care for my business, I will take my business to merchants who use other delivery methods in the future.


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Another false complaint.Are all the "complaints" on this website false?

You ended the conversation, said the ending words of "Okay thank you," and then the person hung up because the conversation was over with.So no one has ever "hung up on you," so WTF are you even talking about?!

Sioux Falls, South Dakota, United States #785023

I think you know the answer to your statement: "To me it feels like UPS doesn't care"......look at the number of reviews 2107 and counting......and they don't show any signs of changing given that fact.......

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