i ordered 150.00$ worth of clothes for my little boy i tracked the package saw it was to be delivered 9/26/2013 so i was here all day no ups but later i find they was here never knocked on my door and they threw my package on my back porch where my dog was and she tore it up and ruined the clothes its not my fault they make minimum wage and hate their jobs !!! what a *** ,***, loser with your brown *** colored uniform do your job what if your stuff was treated like that huh?

Product or Service Mentioned: Ups Delivery Service.

Monetary Loss: $150.

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Haha minimum wage my *** they make over $32 an hour, have their medical premiums completely covered by the company , and after 25 years of service will receive a pension worth $2700 a month in today's money and will only have to pay $100 dollars a month for the same medical they receive when employed. Your an *** for having a destructive pest for a dog which is probably why the driver never rang your bell or knocked ; he didn't want to deal with you letting it out after him!

Dallas, Texas, United States #722557

I would sugest that you have your "HEARING TESTED".Anyone can hear "UPS"Coming from the corner on.Their truck's have a"DEISEL SOUND".


So, UPS delivered, and your dog tore up the box and contents.

The problem is with your dog tearing up things!

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