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I wont rest till hes fired.

I am a fit young man, although with a broken foot I can barley move off my sofa.

He rang the door, i opened it, he rang again. so i opned my front door and yelled downstairs. hello. he helled back a bunch of bull *** no american would be able to understand.

i said please come up. he siad no, and mumbled more BS english. I siad please come up I cant come down I have a broken foot. He didnt reply and I heard the door shut.

I had just gotten out of the shower and in a robe. I quickly put on clothes, and got my *** downstairs. Which wa much diffuclt with my broken foot. I got down went outside bare footed in the freezing cold, he was getting back in his truck.

he came back with my .5lb. package and told me he was going to leave. I called him a lazy ***.

I told him im going to compliab that I have a broke foot and his lazt *** couldnt cary this tiny box up two flights of stairs. *** HIM!

Monetary Loss: $30.

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the guy with the broken foot I feel sorry for him..people just don't care anymore. We do not care for our UPS driver.

That person thinks our front door is our GARAGE DOOR! to lazy to walk 6 ft to put package on front porch.

Everytime we back out of our garge we have to look behind the doors to make sure we dont run over any packages! UPS needs to get their drivers together and train them the right way...what happened to good service???

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