I spent all of Christmas eve tracking a package that I ordered through Amazon (2 day shipping) because according to UPS it was "on time". I received notification around 4:00 pm that my package might be delayed.

It was too late for me to get anything else because my grandson was coming at 5:00. He is 4 years old and I was devastated to have to tell him that I did not have a present for him. Our Christmas was ruined.

I called ups and they blamed amazon for not getting it top them on time. Amazon, however said that they sent it out on December 20th.

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Raccoon, Kentucky, United States #764035

So Christmas was ruined because your spoiled brat did not get a gift. I can think of a million reasons why Christmas would be ruined.

(death illness in the family), and you are complaining that Christmas is ruined because your little brat did not get a gift.

Get a grip. There are people who cannot even afford to have a Christmas and you are complaining because your brat did not get a gift.

Columbia, Kentucky, United States #764005

Apparently UPS is at fault in this whole mess this year. They did not anticipate the huge volume of packages being sent and did not put extra personnel to work delivering the packages.

Remember, UPS is a unionized company. FedEx is not and did not have the same level of problems. Don't blame Amazon. However, I understand that Amazon may give you an extra 30 days on your Amazon Prime for the delay as they "guarantee" delivery---for what that is worth!

Next time, of course order earlier and do not trust anyone who "guarantees" delivery.

This they cannot do as we found out. Not sure how one goes about getting the extra month's Prime---Amazon is rather coy and vague on their website on this.


Why do people wait until the last minute to order gifts? When I need something by a definite date, I order about two months ahead of time.

I just don't have enough faith in any shipping method to get it to me within a couple days, even if I pay for expediated shipping.

to anonymous Deland, Florida, United States #764018

Agree 100%


UPS needs to revise their "guarantee" for last minute shoppers. Brick and mortar stores have the advantage on this. Your own fault.

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