A week ago I received an exception notice bc we had 2 days of bad weather in Dallas. Today I spent 20 min trying to get an update from customer service.

The supervisor I finally spoke to said I needed to be more patient. The Mesquite facility has "thousands" of packages to sort through so I'm not the only one waiting. Our "severe weather event" as he called it was two weeks ago... For two days.

The supervisor said I would get my box "when I got it" & he- nor anyone else anywhere at UPS had different info.

I live in Dallas. Apparently I should call them directly & work it out.

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Chantilly, Virginia, United States #759772

It's Christmas season. I saw a UPS truck last night delivering at 10:30.

I work at an office that has a warehouse that accepts deliveries twice daily from all of the major carriers. I've seen the backs of those trucks and how packed they are. UPS is even renting U-Haul trucks to meet the demand. These trucks don't have the nifty shelves that the typical UPS truck has, so the driver has huge stacks of packages he has to go through.

Those drivers are working their @sses off and are probably berated all day by people who expect UPS to snap their fingers and make packages appear. So yes, more patience is in order here.

to MikeBrady Dallas, Texas, United States #763340

This is not about the delivery drivers. They can only deliver what is on their trucks. The issue at large is about the mismanagement of facilities in North Texas.

Allen, Texas, United States #759588

Same problem here. Been waiting on a package for a week now that has been sitting in Mesquite.

Called several times and they can't tell you anything at all. Going to tell the sender I want a refund and they can submit a claim with UPS.

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