I live in a very rural area. I understand that they don't want to go over unmaintained dirt roads even if I have a valid address.

With that said, the nearest terminal is 56 miles away from me. The nearest UPS store is 34 miles away. There needs to be a place for them to drop packages that is more convenient than traveling 56 miles to pick up my package. Ash Fork, AZ donly has 300 people in the town, but there are several thousand that live around the area.

They need to find or man a safe place to drop our packages nearer to where we live.

The sure ship does go to the post office, but not all packages can be sent that way. (No, we don't get mail delivery either.) I'm positive that I'm not the only person who dislikes that I can't use UPS because it is totally inconvenient when you work to travel over 100 miles to get a package.

User's recommendation: don't use this company if you live off the main road. They won't deliver and will send you packages back if you have a new address. Also, there is no working phone number to call them to hold the package until you can get there.

Location: Mesa, Arizona

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