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It would be laughable if it wasn't so ridiculous. I ordered an ornament from a website and UPS had no problem leaving it on the porch. Great! I order a lacquer box as part of a Christmas gift and (presumably) the same driver who already left a package on the porch decided it was "safer" to deliver my order to a pharmacy I never heard of. Safer? On the porch there are toys, bikes that aren't locked, and I live in an urban environment. If my neighborhood wasn't safe, don't you think these things would be chained up? Kept indoors? What was this guy so afraid of that by Friday of the same week my neighborhood went from okay to leave a package to better to give it to a pharmacy on the other side of town? Was it the children playing in the street? Was it the workmen who are gutting the house next door and remodeling? Was it my elderly next door neighbor who could sign for the package? I've only been living in that house for 20+ years. Surely there was a better option than a pharmacy.

When I attempted to contact UPS customer service I was told that since I work during normal business hours it was basically my fault for never being home. I had to create a UPS account in order to change the delivery from PHARMACY to my home. I had to say that it was not UPS's fault should something happen to my package, etc, etc. I work retail. I don't have time during Christmas rush to set up accounts, deal with bad CS and be told that my working for a living is what's preventing me from receiving a package!!

FedEx is SOOOOO much better. If there's an issue - a FedEx rep can call the driver and have the package rerouted - sometimes the same day. I lost two days thanks to UPS. They are DISASTERS. The website that I used to buy the Christmas gifts received a letter asking for FedEx to be their primary carrier. Whether they listen or not as moot. I just wanted the company to know that rather than deliver to their customers, UPS would rather deliver to some unknown, out of the way location.

Crappy service, crappy customer service - never using UPS for anything again.

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

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