Recently I had a run of bad luck. I had a brand new lap top *** out (dell promptly sent a replacement) and a child seat damaged by shattered glass and water.

(britax also sent me a replacement) I was supposed to get the carseat from britax overnight, so it was supposed to be delivered on Monday, July 29. The plan was that I was going to stick the broken seat in the box, stick the return label on it, and send it right back with the UPS guy. Keep in mind that I PAID to have the original items shipped to me. SO I call them, and ask to arrange for a pick up.

Oh, but there is a "cost" My other option is to drive to the nearest UPS office (30 miles away) of go out and take 35lbs worth of packages and "walk up and down the road and flag down a UPS driver." REALLY?!?! The only day all summer I had plans was today, of course the day that they delivered my package. A day late. (which they told me that I couldnt return ship at the same time, because 30 seconds to stick a label on a box is "too long." Both reps that I spoke with barely spoke 3 words of English.

Said that I had to contact the shipper to get a "free pickup" When I explained that I work nights, and Im sleeping when Britax is open, I was told "just have your kid call the shipper." Again, REALLY?!?!

My kid is THREE. Not happy!

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Albuquerque, New Mexico, United States #691985

Good lord you're ***! UPS isn't a representative for the company you bought your stuff from.

They aren't going to pick up your stuff for free.

Maybe call them for 5 minutes or you can't afford to lose 5 minutes of sleep? You have enough time to make a complaint here.

Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, United States #690701

You are being unreasonable. UPS is not in business with any of the companies that you mentioned.

Why do you think they owe YOU a free pick-up because YOU live 30 miles from their nearest store. I would assume that there is an ADULT watching your 3 yr old while you are sleeping.

Why can't they call to arrange free shipping for you? Put your big girl panties on a grow up.

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