my shippment arraived from overseas(3 x box), i start waiting at home 1st attampt and 2nd and 3rd bare in your mind i work from home i dont go anywhere speacilly when you expect boxes, try to call costumer services they say we are really sorry thats all they do like they have been trained to say sorry, a week later i had to collect parcel from their office, i spoke one of the ups guy and he confessed that too many delivery on que and short of driver but they are happy to tell you lies that they came but couldnt find you,

i personally spend 10k last year using their services but not anymore!

i hope they will realize when their profit goes down

funny thing is they are so large i guess they get used to it,

Monetary Loss: $1000.

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Paid extra for fast delivery. Tracked it all the way

Thu their web site... Never showed up never called

And I called three times that day to be sure

and wait..... This has happened before with

them..... They really do not care .... One of the

worst company's I have ever had to deal with,


UPS supposed to deliver the package to Seaworld Parks which has 3 tickets in the package worth $886.49 in order for me to get my refund. UPS clerk asked me what was in the package I was honest and told the true.

Later found out that the package never been scanned in their system nor went out. I spoke with the UPS store owner in Norristown who stated that why I waited this long to claim the undelivered mail and because I did not buy insurance it will not be repaid.


Just a thought... but I'm thinking there may have a been a language barrier here.

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