Atlanta, Georgia
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I'm being sent a replacement phone through UPS. This was supposed to be next day delivery.

On the day of delivery I check the tracking number status online and it says invalid address. So I get on the line with UPS support chat. They change the address because it's already in their database. It's a Friday I'm asked if I would like to have it shipped Monday or come pick it up Saturday.

I say pick-up Saturday, verifying that that's possible with the UPS representative. I drive 20 mins to the UPS facility. The woman at the counter says, "Oh this is change of address, that means we have it scheduled for delivery on Monday and you can't get it today. We'll have it to your house by 3:00pm Monday." I wait until Monday, look at the tracking number info again online.

It says "The receiver requested this package to be held for pickup at the UPS facility.

/ The receiver agreed to pick up the package this evening"... So I'll have to drive back to the facility again, all because they initially messed up my mailing address.

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Nothing new here. UPS pulls stuupiidd sshhiitt like this all the time.