On March 26th I dropped off an Xbox 360 to a local ups store so that they could package and ship it back to microsoft for repairs, I included the shipping label that I was able to print out so that I would not have to pay to ship. I payed around nine dollars for the packaging which does not upset me in the least even though it is an outrageous price for cardboard and packing noodles.

Thats where the trail goes cold... UPS says they never got it, the store says it was picked up, and Xbox says I have to wait 7-9 days just to prove that it has dissappeard. I just want to play my new video game... Why do I have to fight with three companys at the same time when all they need to do is put a trace on the package?

Xbox says the package is probably fine and dandy sitting on a loading dock somewhere... I am not impressed with anyone involved, including myself as I do not like UPS but I shipped with them anyway.

I should have payed to ship it with a competitor... I will NEVER make that mistake again.

Monetary Loss: $300.

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Really...it isn't that difficult. You should have a tracking number from when the shipment was created.

Also, a side note- the UPS Store is not owned by UPS.


Try tracing it by using the tracking number on the ups website. You can use the receipt from the store to prove that they got it.

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