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I live in a large independent living apartment building for disabled/elderly. On 12/27/2013, UPS driver came running rapidly down our hallway and nearly knocked me over.

(I was walking with a cart. I am have crippling rheumatoid arthritis and move slowly.) I reminded him that we have 200 elderly/disabled living here and asked him to please not run so fast down our halls, as we have many vision-impaired people and other people who cannot easily get out of his way. He gave me the package, muttered a smart-alecky remark and stalked off. (I might note that this same driver last week (two days before Christmas) just threw a package which had expensive jewelry in it against my door rather than ring the bell and hand it to me.

I heard it hit and went to the door and got it. It could easily have been stolen. I had a sign requesting that all packages be left at front desk. The driver ignored the sign and just tossed the package into the middle of the hall.) This was the same driver.

I realize that he has a tough job and I am sympathetic with the demands of his job, but I think basic consideration of not running through the halls of an apartment for frail elderly/disabled is not asking too much. If he will not use basic decent manners for the sake of kindness, he might consider the liability issues he is creating for his company should he knock down/injure an elderly/disabled person.

This is our home and we have a right to feel safe here. I am thoroughly disgusted with this company and will NEVER again use UPS for any reason, business or personal.

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Corporate policy or not on running, some basic decency, courtesy and manners are not too much to ask of any business. I live in an apartment complex in SW Salt Lake Valley and recently had a similar experience with the 'UPS man'.

He hurriedly cut me off as I came around a corner toward the stairs. I offered an 'excuse me' and he said nothing and jumped in his truck and drove off. To top this, I made a huge sign and put it on my door this morning to 'refuse delivery' on a package that was scheduled for delivery this morning, per instructions from UPS. The driver completely ignored the sign and left the package sitting right in front of the ginormous sign.

What is the deal with this company. I am most certainly a 'pissed consumer'!

Fort Worth, Texas, United States #764803

I would hope a Driver would have the backbone to be cautious and not risk injuring a Resident.

If Management confronts him or her, hope they would go toe toe with them and not jeopordize the safety of the residents in the name of getting stops made in record time.

I have subsequently learned from a friend in retail that it is the CORPORATE POLICY to have their delivery people run. Those of us in the disabled community would like to ask UPS CORPORATE to reconsider this policy, especially in buildings which are built to house the elderly and disabled.

It is highly doubtful that those of us who use wheelchairs, walkers, canes, are vision-impaired or blind, or who have various crippling illnesses could easily get out of the way of a delivery person running at full clip. If this is CORPORATE POLICY, it is obviously not the delivery person's fault, and we do not want to fault him. However, we do want to ask CORPORATE to reconsider. What on earth are they thinking?

Or don't they care? :eek
to doberman1946 #988706

An update from the original poster: Since this unfortunate incident, at least two blind people have fallen over and been injured by packages left in front of their doors. Our building management has since posted large notices on each floor that packages are to be left at the front desk with the receptionist.

Some package delivery people (among them ONTRAC and FedEx as well as some UPS) still occasionally make a mistake and leave a package in the middle of the hall. However, most are getting into the habit of leaving packages at the front desk, which makes it easier on them and on us. That said, I will never forget the way the UPS guy spoke to me when this first happened and I asked him not to run in the future. (He even used the B word during our conversation, a fact which was reported to his boss.) Consequently, I never use UPS for anything anymore.

I own a business and have occasion to receive and send many packages.

None of them go through UPS. It appears that corporate greed on the part of UPS has disgusted people other than me.

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