23420 LORAIN RD UNIT 200,

N. OLMSTED, OH 44070

9:40 to 9:56

1st call lady answered, placed me on hold for 5 mins. Than I was disconnected...2nd call talked to UPS personnel, but he hung up on me before I could ask a question...3rd called back UPS personnel picked up, then hung-up...4th call I explain to the UPS personnel that I had a questioned, but he hanged up before I could ask it. I also told him I will be reporting this, to which he gave a smart comment that I could not understand.

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Cayenne, Upper Normandy, France #227825

UPS s u c k s . They hire the worst of the worst, and incorporate them into the gangster Union mentality.


Your like a broken record just let it go accept that people are human make mistakes post to the wrong blog and in the big picture with all the *** your company gives people its only fair they get a little *** back so quit hounding this poor sole and move on and try to inprove the image of your company by actual addressing some of the numerous problems posted here.


Thank you for finally agreeing with me that this complaint is posted against the wrong business. You are right, it should be posted against THE STORE and not UPS, and the person wrongfully posted it against UPS.....As far as the store "dealing with UPS ***" , that is again a whole other subject that has nothing to with getting HUNG UP ON BY THE UPS STORE.

Jeeze you are a little thick in the skull aren't you?

I am still trying to figure out why you even think it is relevant that the store has problems with UPS?! I would like to point out people, that this will be the third time this person will not be able to answer this question, and resort to immature name calling.


What I am trying to do is to get you to man UP and grow a set of balls between your legs, and stop all you’re whining. The point is even thought this complaint is against the UPS Store it has been posted against UPS, so what *** happens deal with it!!!!!!!!!! The way the UPS Store deal with all of UPS ***


What does that have to do with this one particular complaint again? Still waiting for that answer.

Again, your complaint has nothing to do with what I said. You are not making yourself look to bright here.

Please just give up before you dig yourself into a deeper hole. If you have a problem with the number of complaints against the UPS STORE that are caused by UPS, maybe you can post a complaint against UPS on this website about that.


UPS cause more then half the complaints posted on the UPS Store blog so one or two complaints against the Store get posted here Deal with it Timmy Dumm


"well Timmy" You are making an invalid argument, did you even read my comment? I am talking about this one particular individual getting mistreated by the UPS store.

That has nothing to do with the ratio of complaints that are against UPS vs.

the UPS stores and what they are caused by. I am simply trying to help this person out which is what a forum is supposed to be about in the first place.


More then half the complaints against the UPS Store ar caused by UPS. So Buck up Timmy


The UPS store is a shipping store that pays to use their service and the logo. It is separate from the actual company.

The UPS trucks deliver and pick up from there just like any other business. This should not be a complaint against the company itself.


This is not an excuse but this time of year the store is filled with customers and the employees are busy and by the volumn of people cannot give you there standard services.


Were you perhaps being a bitchh?

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