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I received a computer I send out for repair to NYC (I live 30 miles away). The computer was damaged on arrival.

So how does the repair service and UPS handle this? They want me to wait at home for UPS to come by and examine the package for the claim. They said they'll be here between 9AM and 7PM!!! Now remember, I AM NOT FILING A CLAIM, the repair company is. I won't get a penny of the $500 insurance.

When and if UPS shows up, I'll give them my computer, they'll examine it for 7-10 days, then what? I'm not sure. I'll get it back and have to ship it to be fixed again under warrantee. Which I should have done in the first place but I hated to see UPS get away with their crappy handling of my computer.

This process completely discourages people from filing claims and I believe it's no accident. When I called them to ask if I could bring the computer to the UPS plant ("no you can't!") I asked to register a complaint. Well you're not allowed to register complaints over their 800 number.

I guess when you don't want to fix your problems ignorance is bliss.


Monetary Loss: $500.

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Lesson to learn = Pack things better. I packed and shipped 5 cpus today alone. None EVER break.

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