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I purchased a £36 product from Canada, who used UPS to ship to the UK, it arrived and UPS wanted £20.31 for COD apparently these are disbursement or brokerage fees that cannot be broken down.

However, deducting VAT and a relevant duty fee still leaves some 30+% of product price that is the flat rate UPS use for all their small parcel delivery, which is wildly disproportionate to the unit value! Hummmm...

I call to understand why - and to express my dissatisfaction - got the run around - at their cost! They say it covers the cost of processing and finally, was told that this is an industry standard rate!!! Oh really! UPS MUST be making a HUGE profit from this charge!!! OR -they have the most inefficient processes?? But, apparently there is NO option but to pay. They hide behind their list of charges BUT these were not identified at the time of purchase nor the method of carrier despite the shipping (apparently) being paid at source.

I checked on the web about similar experiences - over the years - substantial amounts of complaints have been raised on this subject.

Complains to UPS on their web is difficult, even writing "Complaints" in search comes up with nothing!

So I demanded that they deliver again and hope that the cost for all the calls and extra delivery run would eat into the wildly disproportionate charge.

Frankly, in these times of austerity - this rate of charge - unhelpful responses - is UNACCEPTABLE and would reasonable classify as 'poor' service and a 'rip-off'.

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