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seriously? i spend extra money to get my package delivered faster to me and they lose my package, and tell me to contact my shipper, FYI you were the last to have the package why is my shipper responsible?

It's not their fault you have IDIOTS working for you that don't know how to read the freaking address label that's your job, so you go and track it yourselves! I would never in a million years recommend any corporate to use UPS, who knows who will get your package or when it will FINALLY come, my advice use FEDEX!

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Ok, FIrst of all UPS is not perfect, FedEX is not perfect, the company you ordered your item from is not perfect. Accidents happen everyday in every city, every company.

Just because your package was lost does not mean everyone who works for UPS is an ***. And just to update you on the world round you...UPS use a technology called computers and scanners and bar codes...reading is for books.

Its horrible your pkg was lost but think before you make generalizations like UPS is horrible and they hire idiots. It just makes you look bad!!!!


Holly Smokes! That is crazy and the third complaint I have seen for UPS. i had no idea.


spare me your bull**** UPS does a great job, your probably a shill for FedEx


This may be a tuff concept for you to understand so I will use small words. You are not a Customer of UPS the company you bought your item fund is there customer.

( even smaller words Company pay UPS, you don’t, you pay company) To file a claim with UPS the Customer/Company has to initiate it. (Duh that was a big word please replace initiate with Start)

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