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What an incompetent company. They could find or deliver a parcel even if it were attached to them. Checking out the amount of complaints I’ve seen posted it’s a wonder they are still in business.

I order something from Amazon and paid extra to have it delivered within 2 days. I order it on the Dec. 19th 2012. When I didn’t received it on the the 21st , I went on line to track it. It was last scanned at the Hub in Maspeth N.Y. , by the way which is approx.. 20 minutes by car from my house, without traffic, with traffic it’s about an hour and a half. I called their 1-800 number and spoke with someone with an attitude problem. She wouldn’t let me get a word in at all. She told me that it’s in Maspeth, which I knew already and , that it’s on some kind of tract trailer truck waiting to be load onto a UPS truck to be delivered on the 21st of Dec. She told me to go on line and keep checking or have an e-mail sent to my phone. When I asked about call Maspeth directly she said that they will not pick up their phone. All she can do is to send an e-mail to them. So, the next day, having received no e-mail concerning my parcel. I checked on line and found that nothing been done, it hasn’t been scanned for delivery and there was a little dialogs box stating “not scanned for delivery” with the word “EXECPTION” THAT”S ALL! No explanation what UPS meant by “EXECPTION”! Was my parcel broken, was it stolen.,(IF you check the news recently UPS drivers seen to be in to that!) or whatever. So I called the same 1-800 number and waited the usually 15 minutes to get someone, and that person told me what knew already. What a real joke! He made up some strange excuse, “ Due to severe weather conditions it still waiting to be delivered. As I mentioned earlier, I lever apprx. 30 minutes away and the average temp for the last week was about 45-50 degrees. WHAT SEVER WEATHER CONDITIONS. When I told him this he finally admitted that it’s still on the tractor trailer truck waiting to be loaded on to the regular UPS truck. Understand that this tractor trailer truck is in Maspeth next to the UPS truck. I asked him will it be here by Christmas Eva because it’s a Christmas present. He told me that he couldn’t guarantee this.

I called Amazon and there are willing to return the express shipping fee. They also said that this seem to be the norm with UPS.

I am a letter carrier for the post office. I understand that this is a busy season for parcels. We have letters to carry as well as parcels, and this season we have tons of them. BUT! We come in early and all parcels are delivered on time.

One other things try going directly to one of the hubs to pick up your parcel. Be prepared to wait on any given day approx. an hour and a half to 2 hours also be willing to beg to get your parcel. DO NOT get angry with the *** who gets his trills by making you wait or you may wait even longer!

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Walnut Creek, California, United States #585684

UPS is paid for two day delivery and promises, "everything will get there by Christmas". A $750+ load from Sierra Trading is being tracked across the country.

I watch everything working it's way west when all of a sudden my load gets to Colorado and turns back east to Kentucky. The next thing I see is my delivery date updated to: 12/26/2012 It's still Christmas for us, just no gifts for the kids. I will never ship UPS EVER.

Fed-Ex may be better I don't know. Guess I'm shopping brick and mortor tomorrow...

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