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My dad went to Halifax from Newfoundland to get a kidney transplant that we were all excited for him. While in the hospital he had got a staff infection that killed him less than two weeks later.

Our family was devastated when he passed away. The hospital phoned me and asked how i would like to ship his remains and i never knew anything about this sort of thing so I asked the doctor what i was supposed to do. He checked out the price to fly him back to Newfoundland and the airline wanted 20,000 dollars and its only 1.5 hour flight. Our family don't have much money so my sister and I went with cremating him and had his ashes sent home.

The funeral home did their job and then mailed his remains that we were supposed to get on Tuesday @ 10.30am.

The funeral home that cremated him called us to see if we got his remains and we were so upset they never showed up and his funeral was the following morning. Ups actually lost them due to not entering in the computer.

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I am so extremely sorry that this happened to you. This is not only the fault of UPS but the fault of the funeral home.

There is a policy that restricts any type of human remains to be shipped through this company and its for exactly this reason. I am so sorry you had to go through that.

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