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Well, I just found out how UPS treats complaints to it's Facebook page, by deleting them and banning me, LOL. *** idiots gave me this reply (only to my email, not enough guts to post it to their page) on 'How shipping on 12/28/14 and arriving on 1/6/15 constitutes "3 day delivery"' ...

"Hello Ken, I apologize your package arrived on 1/5/15 due to the Holiday week. There was no deliveries on 12/31/14 or 1/01/15. We do not delivery on weekends as well. I apologize any inconvenience this may has caused. Thank you~Raynisha"

Even doing their "new math" and incorrectly stating the package arrived the day before it was delivered, that still means it should have arrived on 1/2/15. BTW, this was supposed to be an X-mas present for my son. Between the vendor, who stated that if I got my order in by 12/10/14 that I would get the merchandise by X-mas, and UPS dorking me over for "3 day delivery", I'm a bit miffed.

Product or Service Mentioned: Ups Delivery Service.

Reason of review: Problem with delivery.

Preferred solution: Price reduction.

UPS Cons: Customer service attitude, Unethical business practices, Lies.

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Nothing but silence from UPS. Guess folks should visit the new Facebook page, "UPS Fail" and feel free to post your experiences.


You aren't upset with the vendor for waiting until after Christmas, and your son not getting his present on the 25th?

I sure would be!


I was initially upset, but at least they called within a week after placing the order and apologized for not being able to build the laptop (custom built) by Christmas. I told them I'd rather have it done right, than rushed and flawed. They even threw in some freebees for my troubles.

That kind of customer service is a far cry from what UPS gave me.


Was it sent Ground, or extra cost 3 day service?


"3 day delivery" was what I paid extra for, as stated. Not very happy at how I've been treated.

These fools have to know that lying to customers and hoping to silence them is NOT a good business strategy. The longer they try to string this out in the vain hope that I will go away does nothing but strengthen my resolve to make their error, combined with their arrogant denials of the facts, ever widening public fodder for costing them $$$.

It is unfortunate that some companies just don't understand that PR is a two way street.

If you treat customers like ***, then you get exactly what you deserve. This WILL end badly for those that think they could get away with making patently fraudulent claims.


Did you look at the tracking information from the company you ordered from. After you have been notified that an item has shipped if you look really close on that information, it will say that the shipping label has been created, that doesn't mean that UPS has picked the item up.

After the label has been created it could be a day or two before the item is picked up for actual shipping. You can also track the entire route online after you have been notified that it shipped. This time of the year, depending on where the item was shipped from there could also be delays because of weather. In my 74 years I have learned that a lot of things don't happen on the exact schedule that a person thinks they will.

If I am ordering a gift, I make sure I order extremely early. In face I am usually done with all of my Christmas shopping by June or July.


According to the terms on the UPS site, once the package has been entered into their system, the clock begins (they even tried to argue that with me, and if you note, I didn't count the 28th due to it being a Sunday and that the package was entered after 5:00 pm). Still doesn't not even come close to how 3 day delivery equals 8 days (or 9 if you count the Sunday)!

I'm sorry, but 8 days to deliver a 3 day package when it's been paid for is not acceptable under ANY circumstances, period! It's a lie, pure and simple.