I am disabled. In order to get money to survive while I recover I had to liquidate an IRA for $5328, a significant sum to most people.

The IRA company sent my chek via UPS overnight. It didn't arrive. When I called to have it tracked they said it was delivered that morning. What happened was the bubble-headed UPS driver left it in front of my house for anyone to see.

The check was in an envelope and could have easily been put through the mail slot on my seurity door. $5328 is not a lot in the grand scheme of things but it was all I had...I hope they can appreciate the hardship they created for me by not using COMMON sense.

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It's actually a federal crime for anyone other than the US Post Office to put anything in a mailbox or mail slot.


I have had my own issues with UPS but in this case, they did nothing wrong. You need have a stop payment put on that check and another check issued.


What hardship? UPS/Fedex/DHL can't use mail slots/boxes, it's actually illegal.

If the company sent it to you without a signature requirement, obviously you'd have to take it up with them. UPS just does what they're told by the sender.

And don't lie and make it sound as if you've lost $5328.00.

If a check gets lost or stolen, they cancel the check and write you a new one. Come on now.

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