So I was at work doing the usual daily routine, sitting at my desk. It was like two weeks ago when the temperature outside was very hot, one of the 95 degree days.

Our normal UPS man walks in and looks completely exhausted like he was running behind or something. No ever pays much extra attention to him, he is very polite and soft spoken. He does his job and we do our job type of thing. Well on this particular day he was just sweating like crazy, so my boss offers directions to the water cooler just as any other descent human would do.

I guess he drew a little more attention than usual because he seemed pretty exhausted.

So he finally makes it to the water cooler and catches his breath. He was sweating pretty bad. I am not the type of person to pay attention to this sort of thing, as I have a wonderful boyfriend....He is downing a glass of water and I notice his shorts. I am guessing it was him and not something in his pocket.

I look away embarrassed and the other girls in the office were giggling, the guys in the office looked uncomfortable. Ever since then he gets like royal treatment when he comes in! I mean it looked kind of like one of those whole dill pickles you see in the big jars!

I can't quit thinking about it and I can't really say anything as I am a faithful girlfriend and he is my first boyfriend(that's why I posted anonymous on here). It just makes me wonder what it would be like...I am so sorry if I got too detailed!

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