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They delivered my package to a wrong address and lost it. I called immediately to see if the could locate it, but without success.

The date and time they claim to have delivered package was false. My security agent reviewed the security cameras for said date and NO UPS delivery was made that day. I keep calling and they keep giving me tbe same is under investigation. Once the determine that the items are lost, they will contact the shipper, and shipper will contact me.

This is now almost a month and still no result.

Not a call, no attempt to resolve this issue. Both the shipper and UPS are trying to forget this and I WANT MY PACKAGE OR GIVE ME BACK MY MONEY!

Product or Service Mentioned: Ups Delivery Service.

Reason of review: Problem with delivery.

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It's a very very bad news after such a long waiting period .what does it mean "lost"? It isn't a tiny parcel to be was a big with weight of 10kg.

Value of the parcel is £3200 . .Very awful for a famous Brand name "UPS".i paid a lot more to be sure my parcel safe and will be delivered quickly .It's really funny you are telling me they couldn't find it.

I can't understand this ,Force UPS courier to find my parcel ,

Track number is 1Z7E524X6847825387

Thanks, Hossein