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I wish I could support UPS. As a former 12 year resident of Louisville, KY, I know how important they are for jobs in that area (they are based there).

However my UPS driver for my neighborhood is awful and the customer services following his errors has been equally terrible. First time I had something delivered by UPS, the driver rang up to my apartment and I responded and buzzed him in. There's NO WAY he didn't hear me answer since my dogs were barking like crazy (as they always do when the buzzer rings). He apparently didn't want to take the trip up so he left me a notice. I was anticipating the package because it was my dog's food and they were out. When he didn't come up, I ran outside to find the notice and had to chase him down the street to get it. He was a young kid.

Next experience I had was when they attempted delivery to my apartment when I was at work. I went online to arrange delivery and saw that they charged a $5 fee to deliver at a set time. On the 2nd notice, I was about to work from home but saw that my driver had marked that he would deliver after 5 pm. I made sure my partner would be home by 4pm to retrieve the package. Guess what? He came back around 1:30 PM to deliver and gave us final notice.

"Surely mistakes happen..." I thought but it just kept getting worse. I called the center to inform them that my driver had misinformed about my delivery and that I missed my package. The center said they would try to attempt redelivery and asked me for some information. I requested the center representative to mark on my record that if they couldn't redeliver to hold the package. The center rep agreed. She informed me someone would call me by 5:30 pm with outcomes. I told her I could be on the subway at that time and had her take an alternate number to my partner at home.

I get home and check my phone and there are no messages. My partner said he got no call. I call UPS back again and have to hold for a representative. When I finally reach someone, they tell me to call another number of the local holding center which was unable to reach me. I advised them that I had given an alternate number to call, why had they not used it?

I called the local hub only to be informed me they couldn't redeliver that day. I asked them to redeliver on another day and they said, "No, you'll have to pick it up." I tell them it was their mistake and why can't they just send it out for delivery again? Tia, the representative, says they can't and I'll have to pick up. I ask where I have to pick up and it's all the way in Carnasie (1 hour by bus). I sigh and say, "How many days do I have to pick up?" and Tia advised 5 days but that I now need to call the center BACK to arrange holding the package because apparently the rep didn't do it the first time I asked them to. This is when I started to become angry.

But it kept getting WORSE.

BACK TO being on hold with the center. I finally get a representative who does inform me that the first person I talked to the first time had failed to follow my request. Then she informs me that the pick up center IS NOT OPEN ON THE WEEKEND. So basically, I have to go out Carnasie AFTER I GET OFF WORK. I work in Manhattan. My commute home is an hour. I have to stop at home to let out my dogs. Then I have to truck an hour and back from Carnasie on a school night because my driver misinformed me. It will pretty much be my entire night.

Then I'm on hold for a supervisor for 30 minutes. When they finally pick up, they can't hear me and hang up. Even though I gave the rep a call back number, no one calls back. I'm back in the hold *** waiting for a representative to pick up. If they don't put in a request to hold the package by 7 pm it will be sent back.

Not only is UPS not helpful, they are EXPENSIVE in terms of your time. I have already burned a few hours on the phone with them and I will have to take a whole evening to go pick up my package and rectify this mistake.

I will never ever use UPS and any business that uses UPS for shipping will be reconsidered and likely not used for the sheer inconvenience of the service.

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