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1) The MyUPS delivery system is ***, when I attempted to login to change the delivery to pickup, I couldn't do it no matter what. What's the point in having an account if your system is too crappy to let me do a simple change that YOU advertise in front of me everytime I check the tracking?

2)The delivery was already late a day, and now even though it was clearly checked in as received at the distribution center the evening before - I can't get it due to "weather delays". ITS 68 FRICKING DEGREES AND SUNNY OUTSIDE TODAY. WHAT IS THE DELAY IF YOUR SYSTEM COULD CHECK THE PACKAGE IN YESTERDAY - HOW IS THERE NOW SUDDENLY A SYSTEM DELAY THAT WON'T ALLOW ME TO PICK IT UP TODAY?

Either UPS has really crappy logistics technology, or really crappy customer service - or both.

Product or Service Mentioned: Ups Account.

Monetary Loss: $1100.

  • crappy tech
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