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i sent a very important legal envelope with legal documents to peru thru ups over 3 weeks ago which was expected to arrive 4-7 days. i was in the office for almost an hour while the incompetent manager was trying to figure out how to send this.

she informed me that they could send it usps but thru their office as it would be cheaper so i agreed. she printed me out a receipt with a tracking number which she circled and wrote "" on it. its been 3 weeks and nothing has arrived. they have no idea where it is.

the so called tracking number they gave me isn't even a valid tracking number for ups or usps so now it cannot be tracked.I've called several times they refuse to let me speak with the owner all they said is if i want my money back,. no i don't want my money back i want my documents you idiots!!!they try to blame usps but it was thru their office that the package was taken and they are the ones who gave me the invalid tracking number. its not even close to a real tracking number from usps.i have called several numbers and been transferred over 6 times and nothing. completely incompetent.

if i don't get my documents back soon i will be contacting my attorney again. maybe if i sue their company for 1,000,000 dollars they will somehow find it!!!i have receipt from store to prove that they gave me an invalid tracking number.

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most likely when you were told ups would cost $60+ you cried and moaned and asked for something cheaper. cheaper usually comes with less service, and in this case, no abilty to help get your package back.

try this experiment, put a stamp on a letter, put it in a nearby blue usps box, wait a day, then ask your mail carrier where that letter is...same situation. the ups store you shipped at gave it to the post office.

they are not persoanlly carrying it to peru. nor do they have a super secret password to contact postal carriers either in the us or peru.


don't waste your time and money with an attorney. first of all, documents are not insurable through any carrier.

second, you opted for the cheaper option that used Peru's postal service which, like most south american postal services, is not fast or reliable. next time, don't be a cheapskate if the documents are as important as you say they are.


This makes no sense !

Is it UPS or USPS you have a complaint with ?

The Owner of which one dealt with you ?

Really not able to figure out who you are complaining about?

Which Company is it you are wanting to sue is it you are going to sue ? Sure not able to figure this one out !