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This is the worst deliver service Ive used.

They make zero attempt to deliver my packages and instead lied to me and said that I wasnt there to collect the item (they dont tell you when they're going to deliver the item).

They then lied again on the second run and said I wasnt there to collect to item (again, this was at a random time).

I gave them specific instructions how to get to my floor (no security is required) and they still couldnt do it.

Easily the worst service Ive every used and will avoid using them again at all costs.

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Orlando, Florida, United States #847469

Yeah I don't know how or why you expect them to provide you with a timeframe. How about their normal delivery timeframe which is basically 12 hours between 8AM and 8PM? Other than that there is no way for the driver, dispatch or anyone else to know when they are going to reach your door.


I had a similar issue.I had a pick-up arranged for a return and left the package out and even typed notes saying UPS for pick up and to where.

The call tag was issued by the company I was returning the package to. Well, they never showed, and when I called I was given 3 different reasons, all of which were outright lies. I left the package out at 7:00 AM in the morning, but was told it was not there, then when I told them it was left out, then I was told it was not sealed, of course it was and informed them of that, and finally they said it was because I was not there, which was not necessary!

They tell me they will come Monday, but then tell me not to "mess it up" ~ I am aghast at this!WILL NEVER USE THEM AGAIN~!!!!


They were also the worsed i've ever used.

I ordered a thing online around 5 days ago, and i checked the tracking number this morning, which told me Estimated Delivery is around next Wednesday.

However, when i was about to head out of my house, i found a notice stuck onto my door which said that they attempted a delivery a few minutes before.I was at home ALL DAY LONG, just in my room and i didn't even hear any knocking sounds.

Other services i've used will call and check to confirm if i am not at home, but UPS does not even do that.

On the notice it just said to call UPS and so i did. The lady was so rude! She was like - Next estimated delivery on tuesday. So i asked: is there no way to get it today?

The delivery man left like only minutes ago! And she just repeated what she said before.

Now i'm just hoping i get my parcel on tuesday since the delivery man doesn't even call me.

Am i supposed to stand at my door all day long to wait for him?

Not going to use them ever again.

to AngryatUPS #846290

Do you really expect a call saying when they will deliver your package? Some couriers have 100 to 150 stops a day, like they have time to call your sorry ***!!!!!

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