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My child goes to a summer program at Newington Elementary school. I'm sitting in car rider line in the front of the school and a driver pulls up behind me as I'm getting out the car to take my son inside the building to go use the restroom and he tells me to pull up.

I yell to him I'm in car rider line but get back in the car and pull around the loop to get back in line behind him. As I'm going in the building, he is coming out the door and apologizes for making me move. I politely told him that I was in car rider line and that is where I was supposed to be. He walks off and continues to argue under his breath "I don't think so." If my son wasn't with me, I probably would have chased him down and punched him in the back of his smug head.

Any other day, they drive through the exit to avoid car rider line to be able to pull up to where he needed to be. Why today was any different, I don't know.

But to argue with me was totally wrong of him to do. If I see you again, just know I will not move my vehicle for you and if you say anything smug to me again, you will get a mouth full of pepper spray for being rude.

Product or Service Mentioned: Ups Vehicle Driver.

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

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