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So strange how they need a phone number for you after you've paid for the products & the shipping already. I just wanted to have them hold my package @ the UPS Cust.

Pick-Up center in Spokane, WA. since was'nt sure anyone would be @ shipping address to sign for it @ the time of delivery. ALWAYS seems to be an american person who makes 1st contact, then the next thing you know you have a foreign accent speaking to you all of a sudden. (This guy sounded like he was from india).

That person asks for your phone #. You ask why. They say they need it to be able to hold your package for you at the cust. center.

You say you'd rather not. But they are the ones in charge & will have you know it, by Golly. Being as they could be foreign & our laws may not apply there & they can sell people's phone #'s to *** men, I AM CAUTIOUS! That is what I think is going on & the guy is SO *** RUDE!!

His real job is probably just to get people's #'s. UPS Heads allow this type of partnership to happen!! UNACCEPTABLE!! Should be illegal!.

Anyways, he threatens to have my package sent back, which is my customer's property, so I give him my #. I am assured my package will be @ the UPS Customer Center on Bradley Rd. in Spokane, WA. I recieve 3 calls from (Lori?) @ (509)927-2001 telling me my packages (2) are at the facility & I can pick em up before 5:30.

I get there @ 4:30 or so & they can't find it. Then they look it up & tell me it's been shipped to my shipping address. I say o.k. then.

So I go to shop expecting my stuff to be there & only the small package was delivered! (10 shirts out of 100). I try to call the Lori # & message says that its been disconnected or is no longer in use. So I go home, get online & look up the tracking #.

Says it's being held for me @ the Cust. Center. AAARGH! I call the 800 # & an american answers.

As soon as I give them the tracking number, a latin voice takes over. Saying she's not sure, but she's sorry, maybe it's there, WHERE? I ask, I had to make sure it was at Bradley Rd. location.

She is being very vague about everything. Says I'll get a call tomorrow from em to let me know. Is there a UPS customer complaint department?

This is horrible, horrible and blatant disservice to the customers they serve & I think there should be a department in charge of keeping their public image intact.

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

Monetary Loss: $372.

Preferred solution: Deliver product or service ordered.

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What you don't understand is that UPS doesn't consider package recipients to be customers.

They only think of the shippers as customers. So what you need to do is complain about UPS to the company that shipped your product.


omg thank god Im not the only one who had switches in voices, I thought I was imagining things during that conversation. First, I get a nice lady picking up the call, then after I describe my issue, all of a sudden I hear a raspy man voice that scared the **** out of me... Weirdest accent too, I would've swore it's a prank call if it wasn't me that called them instead O.o