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Horribly company structure. I purchase online from Amazon and Ebay several times per month, both personal as well as at my employer.

I can name a handful of times in months when the packages were not "rescheduled" multiple times. Its gotten to the point where if you actually need to have something here by a set date, don't bother if its being shipped UPS. Even with Amazon Prime 1-day, I can usually expect 2-3 days :( Have a package in the system right now that was shipped and confirmed by the seller a week ago, is due here tomorrow, but it hasnt left the origin site yet in California. Somehow, I don't think they are gonna make this one either!!

As a company, we have moved away from them entirely due to repeated missed deliveries.

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I agree i got a package which was suppose to be deliver 8/22/2014 but it's either lost or going to be late, twice in less than a month UPS is slipping.

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