I recently had a claim with UPS because i did not receive a $30 dollar package. and i had amazon send me another because i clearly did not receive said package even though ups claims i did. now they are calling me at 7am harassing me to answer questions when i first wake up.

some *** even went as far to say that they wanted a police report from me!? wtf *** you guys. when you lost a 400 dollar package my girlfriend sent to her aunt wtf did you guys do? oh we cant find it sorry. poof its gone.

or how about when i got someones package on my door for a road that wasnt even close to mine? no one ever came back to get it or anything. they probably just assumed that the person got their package. idk what it was i didnt open it. waited a week before driving to them and *** them out.

and how about when i send someone a 500 dollar package and the person rents the place to a different person before the package gets there and the rentor keeps the package and says it wasnt delivered to them? all you guys did was say that the person at the house said they didnt receive it. you wouldnt help me at all

so now you want a police report? you can go *** yourself ups. call me again and i will come to your office and *** you up. i already told you if you call me again the police will be notified.

Monetary Loss: $400.

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