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I bought a laptop for school. And it shipped VIA UPS. During check out I opted for the more expensive delivery to get it sooner. And this was kind of a big deal for me. I needed a new computer ASAP. I needed it because mine is breaking down and is SUPER old. It can't run the programs I need. And that includes the counseling webpage for Orientation. I was given my orientation date for this coming Monday. It is now Saturday.

The UPS facility that it is at, is closed and does no delivery on Saturdays. I realized this Thursday when my tracking number said my computer was still half way across the state.

I contacted the shipper who even showed me proof that it was suppose to be quick delivery. They showed the invoice showing THEIR estimate of delivery, which was suppose to be Wednesday or Thursday. So it was not on the Shipper.

I contacted UPS who said that it was "UPS Standard," and if this was a problem I could contact the seller and repurchase and select saturday delivery

UPS... Why the *** would I spend another $500+?

When I asked them that they straight up told me "Look sir, there is nothing we can do" Okay, I gave you all my name... Does "Jessilynn" sound like a dudes name? *** no, I am a trans woman, I got a cold... And again the prat said "I'm sorry sir." UGH again. Sir is a man. >:(

But either way Stands the fact... I am totally screwed over. I have to wait another month for online orientation. That was NOT optional, only then can I enroll in my classes. And I might be stuck with *** General Education classes, rather than starting to work TOWARDS my major.

THANKS UPS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! >:(

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