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Tried to schedule a pickup at a customer's request to ship a package of less than 1lb from NY to Berlin. USPS Price is about twelve bucks and four days

Quoted me $84 because they said I have no account. Expedited will take 3 days. So I re-opened a dormant account I had and tried to get a quote: GUESS WHAT THE RATE IS?? You got it, $84 with an account. And the phone calls only took 34 minutes while the quoted me anything up to $600 for this shipment at various mistaken rates.

How does this company manage to stay in business or are they principally a local-US delivery company not specialising in international shipments?

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Keller, Texas, United States #757495

My package is stuck in Fort Worth which is the destination City as well. UPS has no idea when will it be delivered and they won't let me pick it up either.

I live in the same City but can't get my package :(

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